15 Tips for Enjoying Highland Games & Festivals

Celtic Festival Season is Here!

Whether it’s Highland Games or a Celtic Music Festival, you are in for an awesome time. But in case you’re new to the scene, here are our top 15 tips for attending a Celtic Festival…

1. Check the event’s web site before going in case they have an online/downloadable program, guide to parking and amenities, a map, etc.

2. Arrive early. Parking can be a bit dicey at some festivals and occasionally, you have to take a shuttle bus from the parking lot to the festival.

3. Bring a backpack. For anything that won’t fit in your sporran, a backpack is essential. It will allow you to keep your arms free for food, selfies, dancing, shopping, etc. Belt Pouches on your Kilt Belt are also handy for phones and such.

4. Hydrate! Yes, you will be able to buy beverages, but you will wait in line for them. Sun, excitement, walking and dancing takes it out of you – bring a bottle of water!

5. Wear sun screen and bring a hat. Even if the festival is in the fall (with presumably cooler weather) you will want these.

6. Dress in, or at least bring along layers. Weather at festivals can change dramatically and you should assume you’ll want to stay well into the evening for concerts when it will be cooler. A pack-able windbreaker or rain jacket is a great idea. Or, go piper and bring a Rain Cape.

7. Bring cash. Lots of vendors will take cards, but cash is still really handy and won’t fail you if the merchant’s connection is down. It may also be needed for buying food tickets.

8. Speaking of food, bring small snacks such as energy bars, fruit and nuts. Festival food is great fun, but sometimes waiting in line isn’t.  Or you may be a parent with picky eaters. Or you may need a pick-me-up after an evening concert when the food vendors have shut down.

9. Wear comfortable shoes. We’ve mentioned lines already, but there’s also a lot of walking and standing during performances. And remember, there will be crowds — open-toed shoes and flip-flops won’t keep your toes from getting crushed.  Sneakers or ankle boots are the ticket.

10. Make sure your devices are fully charged and have room for photos/videos.

11. Apply Body Glide. Trust us. It is your friend.

12. Bring a spare pair of hose. This is always good advice for pipers.  Hose can get dirty or sweaty after a long sunny day.

13. Bring ear plugs – these days this is a common concert-goer’s precaution. And no, we don’t necessarily mean you will need them for pipe bands. Most pipe band performances will be in open areas where the sound can dissipate. However, folk- and pub-rock acts in side venues may have some pretty loud amps punching out the tunes.

14. When shopping, you can use your camera (with the merchant’s permission) to take shots of products you like or the merchant’s name/info. This can help you remember where you saw “X” so you can go back and get it before leaving the festival.

15. Finally, WEAR A KILT!  You knew we’d say that, right? Well, we also want you to wear the right kilt. If you want to dress up in your clan tartan 8 yard, go for it.

However, given what we’ve been saying about crowds, heat and physical activity,  our personal favorite festival kilt is also our most affordable — the USA Kilts Casual. In a nutshell, it’s…

– Light-weight, machine-washable fabric with No-Pill technology

– Teflon-coated for optimal (beer) stain resistance!

– Secure Velcro closure system – no belt required, no bulky straps and buckles!

Over 100 tartans available!

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Our Casual Kilts are built to outlast Highland athletics, marathons, tough-mudders, through-hiking and even all-night Guinness sessions.
Grab yours now and we’ll see you at the Festival!

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