Hollywood Kilts – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Celebrities - Mark-Andrews-kilt-oscar.jpg
Back in 2013, Mark Andrews, the director of Brave, accepted the award for Best Animated Feature Film in a kilt and quipped that he just happened to be wearing one that day. In fact he has worn one on more than one occasion, though the sporran was just for the event. His father, in the audience, was also kilted that night.


With Oscar Night coming up, we thought we’d take a look at some of our best-loved and worst-loathed pics of celebrities wearing the kilt. Now obviously, some of these famous folk take kilting seriously — especially those of Scottish descent. Others see it as just a stage stunt. But sometimes even the stunt-men or the fashion-forward crowd can do something cool. It’s also good to bear in mind that sometimes the celebrity is donning a kilt for a good cause, such as the ‘Dressed To Kilt’ Charity Fashion Show.

Who wore it best? Who wore it worst? We have some commentary below, but you’ll have to decide for yourself!


Celebrities - Simon-Pegg-2009-1.jpg
Simon Pegg (2009). This is not the kilt he wears to fight zombies or pilot the Enterprise.

Aye!: This was the height of the all-black craze. Pretty dashing.

Hmmm…: PC jacket with neck tie and no waistcoat? And a belt? It’s not traditional, but he may be pulling it off. The lack of color works to his advantage. A colored tie could make the whole thing look goofy.



Celebrities - Samuel-L-Jackson-2002.jpg
Samuel L Jackson (2002) wore a kilt to help promote the film Formula 51. But he also seems to genuinely like them. Mr. Jackson has always had style.

Aye!: Very good color coordination.

Hmmm…: Casual bordering on sloppy. Sporran is “meh” and the asymmetrical frumpy sweater has to go.




Celebrities - Vin-Diesel-1.jpg
Vin Diesel – Hollywood’s favorite nerd (he plays D&D and collects comics!)

Aye!: This is pretty BA for a contemporary kilt look. Simple is good.

Hmmm…: We might prefer a different model of kilt as we aren’t fans of these pockets. A sporran like this would tie it together with some bling.



Celebrities - snoop-dog.jpg
Snoop Dogg going for regal, but coming up motley fool.

Aye!: Top half is on fleek. The tartan, Scottish American, is a fine choice.

Hmmm…: Bottom half….dayam. Maybe a cut-away coat is cool, but not with a kilt. The custom sporran is a great concept, but this one looks slapped together. The Converse kicks are not flattering (even if he wasn’t kilted) The flashes….do we really need to even say anything?



Celebrities - Ewan-McGregor-2013.jpg
Ewan McGregor after receiving his Knighthood in 2013.

Aye!: Classic traditional day wear look. Toned down and dignified — just what you’d want when meeting HRH the Prince of Wales.

Hmmm…: Please use colored kilt hose, Ewan. Ancient Green would tone well with the MacGregor tartan.



Celebrities - sean-connery.jpg
Sean Connery – You’ve seen this photo about a million times.

Aye!: This is how formal is done.

Hmmm…:  Some people consider the Jabot and lace cuffs too antiquated. However, the look may yet come back. Sporran could be worn a little higher. It’s worth noting that Sir Sean has sometimes not looked this good in a kilt. Nobody is “on” every time they dress.



Celebrities - David-Tennant-2006.jpg
David Tennant (2006). Did you know that Doctor Who once had a Highlander companion? S’truth.

Aye!: Generally a nice job at formal, but the devil is in the details…

Hmmm…:  Oh boy, where to start. Well…Belt with PC.  Some sort of day sporran with a formal outfit. Cream hose. Kilt looks a bit long or the jacket is a bad fit (granted he is a tall, thin fellow). The sporran is SO LOW he is showing a bulge! It’s supposed to cover one’s manhood, not be used as a shelf to hold it up. It just seems Mr. Tennant had nobody advising him as he dressed.



Celebrities - Matthew-McConaughey-2002.jpg
Matthew McConaughey 2002

Aye!: He is clearly able to walk.

Hmmm…:  Dress socks instead of proper hose. Cheap sporran worn at the side. WEARING THE KILT BACKWARDS. He projects that this is a just a joke to him.



Celebrities - Billy-Connolly-2011.jpg
Billy Connolly, 2011. if anyone has a right to wear a kilt however he damned well chooses, it is Sir William Connolly.

Aye!: This contemporary outfit just feels perfect for The Big Yin. Just look at how he has dressed over the years. He looks totally at ease and I think we ‘d have a blast following him anywhere he goes.

Hmmm…:  This non-tartan kilt is certainly not for everyone. We like the seal-skin semi-dress sporran, and it is a great color match. The belt is interesting but looks too thin. Kilt belts have evolved to their present width because it looks best with a traditional kilt. Not sure about that shirt tie. A black t-shirt might be better for the overall vibe.



Celebrities - Graham-McTavish-2014.jpg
Graham McTavish (2014), star of Outlander, Aquaman, The Hobbit movies and a lot more.

Aye!: Totally BA.  Awesome tweed kilt.

Hmmm…:  Hang on. Let me check…. Yup. Still totally BA.



Celebrities - Iain-Glen-‘Game-of-Thrones’-2005.jpg
Iain Glen (2005), Game of Thrones star.

Aye!: Very well done formal. Mr. Glen is taking his heritage seriously.

Hmmm…:  Sporran is too low and causing bunched fabric (a common problem).  A kilt pin would be nice. The wing-collar shirt has studs. While this is not a strict no-no, studs are usually considered “too much.” A placketed wing-collar shirt is preferable. This photo shows really well why we don’t prefer cream hose with formal dress.


Celebrities - pdiddykilt2.jpg
P Diddy does what Snoop failed to do.

Aye!: Trad-Highland meets Hip Hop. I think he nails it. The jacket and vest combo is a Sheriffmuir, by the way. It’s not on our website right now, but we can get it for you.

Hmmm…:  This is stage costume, so we can’t judge too harshly. But from the traditionalist standpoint, the boots are an obvious foul as is the hat and jewelry. We do often recommend tall boots like this for a casual kilt look, however. He should rock a sporran with this rig, but I assume he skipped it so he could dance without injury.




Celebrities - gerard-butler-2009.jpg
Gerard Butler 2009

Aye!: Pretty fly black dress outfit. Nothing wrong with traditional done sexy. Sporran is at the proper height(!). No belt. Everything fits.

Hmmm…:  Hard to complain, unless we get stuffy about the lack of a tie? He could tie his brogues a bit better? Naw. Gerard is doing us proud.



Celebrities - craig_ferguson-2017.jpg
Craig Ferguson..doing what he does.

Aye!: Nice jacket?

Hmmm…:  Oh, Craig.   Craig. Craig. Craig.   Actually, this is a fine contemporary outfit, even if the tiger-stripe camo is not my personal preference. I will say I think wearing a Sgian Dubh (it’s there on his right leg) in this manner is a bad idea.



Celebrities - Colin-Farrell.jpg
Colin Farrell

Aye!: He looks like he works out more than I do.

Hmmm…:  IT’S BACKWARDS! No matter how nicely you courtesy, you can’t change that. Go home, Colin.


Celebrities - Alan-Cumming.jpg
Alan Cumming

Aye!: Boots.

Hmmm…:  OK, in all seriousness, we know this outfit was a lark for Alan. other photos show that he does know how to dress in a kilt and do it very well. That said, we wish he’d chosen a better quality sporran and put on a belt.



Celebrities - bernie_williams-2017.jpg
Bernie Williams, former NY Yankee and jazz guitarist.

Aye!: This outfit would be fine except for that jacket, but I realize that is part of the overall statement he is going for. It’s a bit too leprechaun-ish for me. The kilt is the official New York City tartan. Very cool and the hose matchRob Roy sporran is a good choice for casual outfits.

Hmmm…:  Loafers? Meh. The jacket, as mentioned. Imagine how sharp this outfit could look with a custom tweed kilt jacket! Even in a bright green it’d look good.


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