Scottish Highlander Halloween Costume?

Should I wear a Kilt for Halloween?

Everything we sell at USA Kilts is serious highland wear built for years of use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of this gear to create a great Halloween costume!

Jamie Fraser

Tips for making a Highlander costume that works:

Outfit: For Halloween, simple is usually better. It’s easy to have “too much costume” and end up tripping on your Claymore while dancing or spilling caramel apple goo on your beautiful leather sporran. (Ach! Nooo!)

Kilt: As we mentioned above, accidents do happen. So for the big party, we recommend a rugged, machine-washable kilt like our Casual kilt or Semi-traditional kilt. If you want to go full-on William Wallace Highlander or Jamie Fraser, grab one of our Great Kilts.

Sporran: Don’t wear your best sporran for this particular holiday – save the fur for Thanksgiving or a Burns supper. The best sporrans for a classic “Highland Rogue” or “Outlander” costume will be all-leather, such as our Rob Roy, Celtic Knot, or Simple Pin Day Sporrans. They look awesome and they are easy to wear and clean. Perfect for a long trick-or-treat hike with the kids or a rowdy party.

Shirt: We offer a high-quality Highland shirt (also called a Ghillie shirt or Jacobite shirt) in both cream and black. Cream is more traditional, but black is more roguish (ask your wife or girlfriend’s preference!).

Shoes: Boots or sneakers will be fine, but if you have black ones, wear those. Most people won’t notice them in the dark, especially if you wear kilt hose. Make sure they are comfortable, you’re going to be on your feet all night!

Get the kilt and everything you need in one go!

We have some  great deals on complete outfits:  Check out our Pub Packages! Or for the more historical look, try our Highlander Package or Great Kilt Package!

Remember: A real kilt costs more but lasts longer

You may pay more for this year’s Halloween costume, but you are investing in an outfit that will be great for any kilted activity — daily wear, hiking, festivals, date night, renaissance fairs, SCA, concerts, etc. Since we take every kilt seriously, and craft it using quality cloth, it will last you for years. Have fun and honor your heritage at the same time!

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Rob Roy and Braveheart



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