Can you wear a sporran with a utility kilt?

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Sporran with a utility kilt or Cargo Kilt?

– Sure! Why not?

Utility kilts are contemporary, they’re new. There’s no history to them, longer than 15 years, 20 years. Utilikilts from Seattle, when were they founded, ’99, ’98 somewhere around there? So there’s literally minimal history to it, so sure if you want to wear a sporran with a utility kilt, have at it.

You have pockets on a utility kilt so it’s not something you have to do but if you don’t like the look of the snaps or you think that the front apron on a utility kilt looks a bit barren or if you feel that it looks a little bit too skirt like when you get it and it doesn’t meet your mind’s eye, what you had in your mind’s eye when you ordered it then yeah, a sporran is a great way to accessorize it and kind of show that it’s still a Scottish inspired garment because you’re wearing a sporran with it.

Utility_Kilts - 45302568_904569746597758_8780574795499236693_n.jpgIt’s going to look better if the pocket’s on the Utilikilt are more minimalistic and flat. If you have the big honkin’ multi-pocket pockets like on Utilikilt’s survival kilt where the huge multi-part pockets which have the elastic in them and everything that’s gonna look a little weirder if you also have a sporran in front.

It’s gonna have like a lump on this side, a lump in the front, and a lump on the other side. Whereas if they’re nice, flat, sleek cargo pockets like some of the lighter weight Utilikilt’s have, I think a sporran would look better. And of course, I actually have a mocker, which is Utilikilt’s one that has no cargo pockets.

It has slash pockets but that’s it. It’s designed, supposed to be office wear, and I wear a sporran with that pretty regularly actually, so. If you’re gonna wear a Utilikilt, do not wear a dress sporran. Period. What would be appropriate and look good, stylish wise would be a day sporran, a hunting sporran, or at most a semi-dress sporran.

Utility_Kilts - black-kilt-neo-victorian.jpgA metal, cantle, dress sporran is gonna look weird. You’re mixing the streams completely. It’s not just mixing the streams of Scottish versus American utility kilt
contemporary thing, you’re mixing the streams of formal and casual. So from that perspective, just stick to a normal day sporran and don’t try to dress it up with a dress sporran. That would be a bit off. After all, Utilikilts are supposed to be more of a rugged kind of a look anyway, so a day sporran’s gonna be more of a natural fit.

Yeah, would you go camping in a tuxedo? You draw that parallel, there ya go.


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